Gay marriage will not lead to bestiality

It is highly and utterly offensive for Senator Cory Bernardi to suggest that legalising same sex marriage will lead to multiple partners and even bestiality. We know there have been gay people around for at least two thousand years, so why would law changes in one country now suddenly open the flood gates to other forms of sexuality?

Being gay is not illegal in this country, but bestiality and polygamy is.

Bernardi’s comments are a nasty suggestion that turns homosexuality – a normal sexual orientation – into something shameful and disgusting. Young people across the country who are gay continue to suffer depression, isolation and suicide because of this type of prejudice.

Why does the gay community have to be continually and openly belittled and humiliated in the federal parliament?

Senator Bernardi said the “harsh reality” is that there will “never be equality in society”. With people like him in control, this is certainly right.

Bernardi says there will always be people who are discriminated against. Again, we have an attack on gay people from a white middle-class male who will probably never know what it feels like to to be marginalised. People like him are giving the Liberal Party a bad name, and it must be galling for Liberal progressives like Malcolm Turnbull and the former Senator Robert Hill (who was replaced by Bernardi) to have to listen to Bernardi’s hate-speech.

Bernardi, let’s not forget, has falsely attacked women for having abortions to get the baby bonus, thinks global warming is not caused by humans and has a long history of attacks on gay people.

His views are an absolute disgrace, thank goodness Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has now resigned as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s personal parliamentary secretary following a widespread furore over the South Australian’s comments that legislating for gay marriage could lead to demands to legalise bestiality and polygamy.

Troy Murphy

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