Cat breading: Putting your cats head in bread trend

Cat breading – in which owners put a piece of bread over their cat’s head – is sweeping the internet, making headlines and rocking the country.

The concept is so wonderful it seems shocking that no one thought of cat breading before and many are questioning how they failed to spot the potential of placing their pets head into a slice of bread.

It is not known when or where the first instance of ‘cats head in a slice of bread’ occurred but, happily for the rest of us, the inventor of the craze shared the inspiration.

A cat breading Facebook page celebrating the new dawn of pet/ loaf interaction has more than 15,500 fans and cat owners are rushing out to stock up on sliced bread to photograph their cats in.

There have been dissenters, however, with critics claiming the cats do not enjoy the experience.

But look at these pictures and make up your own mind. We think they look proud to be making history.

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