NCN: Political Trust

According to a recent poll taken of the current political climate by FairFax Media and Nielsen, seems like no one has much faith in our leaders. When it comes to trusting our PM Tony Abbott it is down to a low 25% and as for the opposition leader Bill Shorten, a little bit better, up at 42%. But when it comes to making things happen for the country the tables turn with 58% of those surveyed believing things get done under an Abbott government compared to 36% having faith in the Shorten camp.

Either way, numbers are pretty low for both sides of the party … but what scares me the most is that the in the world of ying and yang, with these two leaders numbers so low, who is popular amongst the people? It most certainly pains me to think that any one in their right mind might be siding along side the self indulgent shit stirrer Clive Palmer who’s puppet politics is cleverly disguised as looking out for the average voter, but instead is all about his own back pocket.