Music out loud

Why do people feel it is appropriate to make everyone suffer with their music selection? Especially in an office environment.

Look I know, I know, everyone lives their own music selection, and their music makes them feel good. But what makes people think that their music is for everyone?

In the office I work in doing the 9-5 thing, we have a staff member who loves listening to his music out loud.

For the record, I wear head phones in the office so I don’t suffer everyone else with my eclectic taste in music.

But back to the other people in my office, the guy who likes to listen to music out loud, is stuck in a 90s dance party loop, and I kid you not had had MC Hammers ‘Hammer Time’ blasting out loud, and for the entirety of the song.

Not the accidental whoops it just came up on iTunes and I’ll press skip, no, the whole 3 minutes plus played.

For the entire office to hear, if I didn’t have respect for a person before, I certainly don’t after this.

Now you are probably thinking, ‘Troy, you should just ask him to stop, or wear head phones, or complain”. Trust me I have, but I always get some stupid response along the lines of it bothers no one else, and we are not an office to implement rules like that.

The other day there was 90s early 00s trance music blasting. I say, how, I say how is that acceptable in business hours? I mean I was reminiscing a time where I’d pop a pill, take my top off and dance till the sun comes up rather than concentrate on my job.

Needless to say, the door to my office was shut with a dramatic over the top slam.

Probably an over dramatic response, but imagine on a daily basis listen to some on else’s tacky music play list.

I ask again, why do people feel the need to play their music out loud for everyone else?