Celebrating Easter

Why do people wish each other a ‘Happy Easter’ in the lead up to, during and after the Easter weekend?

Is it because it it is a social norm? Do people have the attitude that just because everyone else wishes everyone else ‘Happy Easter at Easter, so must they?

Is it because of the religious aspect, are people celebrating the day that the Christian religions son of their deity arose from the dead

Does wishing some one ‘Happy Easter’ and celebrating it with eggs and rabbits, your way of celebrating the pagan fertility ritual or holiday that is believed to be the origin of Easter?

If either of these options are the reason to why you wish some on ‘Happy Easter’ why say ‘Happy Easter’? I mean what does that have to do with what you are celebrating, apart from some weird name sake.

And what of those who do not celebrate Easter? Easter no matter what the reason for you celebration is not ideally the celebration for others.

I don’t celebrate Easter, I don’t celebrate fertility as I plan not to have children, I am not religious so there is not going to celebrate a religious holiday that I don’t follow for the rest of the year … And just because hallmark and the chocolate companies choose to market their product to the gullible by branding everything Easter, I am not going to fall to the public pressure and celebrate Easter with them either.

So yes, by wishing me a ‘Happy Easter’ and celebrating Easter, for what ever reason, is what you chose to do. Please don’t get offended, like some have this year, when next year, like this year, I don’t return the ‘Happy Easter’ phrase in return, because I choose not to, like you chose to celebrate Easter.

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